Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm not a Carny.

There is something about having children that puts "the fear" in you. Like one day you'll totally go Bungee Jumping and then you have a kid and you're like "OH MY GOD! We're all going to die!" Maybe that's just me. But I totally used to love roller costars and all sorts of scary stuff (except for flying, always hated it, still hate it) and now I can barely go on a speed boat without freaking out. So on Saturday morning when we went to an antique show and saw the Ferris Wheel, I almost peed in my pants. I knew my kids would make me go on it. I knew my husband would make me go on it. I did NOT want to go on it. I went on it. 

I mean look at that thing. It's nothing but spit and tin-foil. Plus, it was nasty out. 

Even these two don't look so convinced. 

OK, well..maybe she was convinced. She was psyched. My palms began to sweat

Can't I just stay down here and take pictures of these cool blue and white lights. This thing seems to be run by a 15 year old Carny Boy. No offense to 15 year old Carny Boys. 

I almost passed out taking this picture. I mean I can't even believe I took it. Looking back on it, I was an idiot.

AHHHHHHH!!! I just rocked the seat! Look at how happy he is that I'm freaking out..why am I doing this again???

Oh, right. That's why. Sigh.....

Happy Monday!


  1. so, so true. and nope, not just you. Everything I see is now a potential way to die. "Catastrophizing" is my new best skill.

  2. ha! I still love roller coasters and all that crazy stuff, and I fully intend on training B to love them as well so he can come on them with me when he is big enough. Because right now I ride the rides by myself, because his daddy is a chicken. :p

    Bur carnival rides are a whole different ballgame. They put them up and down in less than a day. But I will have to suck it up and go on them, at least around 4th of July. Because the carnival comes to my hometown that time of year. Oh God, I may have to suck it up this least for the kiddie rides. Good grief.

    1. And we have ANOTHER fair on Saturday...I can't. Send xanax