Thursday, January 27, 2011

A room for girls

I love Ohdeedoh. Don't get me wrong.  I look at it almost everyday and get tons of great ideas. But, I sometimes look at those gorgeous, perfect rooms and think, "Do real children live there?" And this is coming from a former designer!  I love my girls' room. It's my favorite room in the house. It's happy and cheerful. It has an awesome tent that they can play in or read in. It has a wonderful cozy chaise lounge that I can sleep read to them on. And it's completely not finished. The baseboards haven't been put back up. There are no curtains on the windows. The massive amount of artwork I have for the walls hasn't been put up. (let be honest, it isn't even framed yet) The monogram vinyls I have for over their beds are still sitting, rolled up in their containers, in the closet. Oh, the closet, whose doors are still a hideous lime green. Sometimes, it looks like this.

But most of the time.  Most of the time, it looks like this. 

What?  Don't you have bathing suit trying on parties the morning after a blizzard? Well, you should. 

p.s. You really should check out Ohdeedoh


  1. Ha! We actually DID have a bathing suit trying on party this morning! I needed to see if they still fit for our trip to Key West in three weeks. The room is gorgeous. Of course!

  2. Ha! Thanks, Amy! That's why we did it too. Had to see if the suits still fit for our upcoming trip to Cape Coral! (most don't)

  3. random question for you!! where did you get the rug?

  4. Hey, Corisa. We got it at Pottery Barn Teen. I'm not sure if they still have it but it's worth a look!