Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break (is now over)

But man was it gooooooood! This little bit turned 3 years old. WHA??!! How is that even possible! And she turned into Minnie Mouse. Ears and all. 

She requested Spaghetti for lunch. CHECK! 

And ice cream cake after dinner....

Double CHECK! I have no idea what those balloons are made of. Some sort of sticky substance that children loose their minds over. Not pretty, and kind of nasty. It was a great day. Full of all that good 3 year old stuff. 

The next day my parents arrived!! I love having family visit. We get to do all sort of fun things and eat all sort of good food and just hang out. Our first full day we went into the city for lunch and shopping and all that jazz. And I have zero pictures. We had lunch at Birreria, the outdoor beer garden at the top of Eataly. Um yes. So good. Those crazy OC Housewives were sitting at the next table. Their hair is a color of blonde not normally seen in New York. And my dad is pretty sure that Gretchen's lipstick was a tattoo. No one can drink that much wine and still have such red lips! And yes, Slade was there, and yes he gave me a once over while I brought my girls to the bathroom. Chills, and not good ones. We ate custard at the Shake Shack and my father may have taken my little one's shoes off and dipped her into a fountain. Or so I've been told..I was busy waiting in line for 100,000 minutes for a Fair Shake (a vanilla shake blended w/ insanely yummy coffee, worth it) 

My mom made my grandma's famous Fondant Eggs with the girls. 

Someone loved the fluff.

Mixing peanut butter into fondant is sticky business

And yet...See, Mama??! CLEAN-ish. 

And we went bowling!!! Ever go bowling with a 3 year old and a 5 year old??? 

The 5 year old, this chick LOVED it. She loved everything about it. The balls, the screen, the food, the EVERYTHING. 

I mean, really! She has got the stance DOWN. Look at that hip pop! 

My husband really does stick out his tongue when he's concentrating. That is hilarious. EVER.TIME. 

My dad is all bizness. And looking so dapper, right?

She liked it OK, but there was a bounce castle in the front room. Don't stand in the way of my girl and a bounce castle, she will take you out. My brother met us at the bowling alley. He was up here from Atlanta for work. Score! 

The dudes smoked cigars and drank bourbon

The grown-up ladies (is that me? I guess so) drank bourbon and dipped fondant eggs in chocolate. Vanilla Butter cream and Peanut Butter. 

My friend Alison made amazing cupcakes! I mean HELLOOO!! How awesome are these?

Pretty freaking awesome. 

And my brother taught my little ones to punch? I'm not sure exactly...

But it was good, it was all so very good. The next day the Easter Bunny came. So wicked early. 6am early. 

And brought little bikes for little people

and bigger bikes for bigger people...

And we wore fancy dresses and white shoes. 

And ate really yummy food with friends and family. 

It was so good, so very, very good. ZZZZZZZ...when is our next vacation? Mama's tired. 


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  1. looks like an absolutely fantastic spring break and Easter!