Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tunic Love (and three really crappy iphone pics)

A couple of months ago my sister told me about a yoga clothing brand that she had just discovered, Alo Sport, and asked if I had tried any of the clothes. I hadn't, but was totally intrigued. The designs were fab, the prices better than others (ahem) and they had a really great selection of styles. My sis got a few pieces, I saw pics, LOVED them, but then never did anything about it for myself. 

Right around the same time I was checking into a yoga class and spotted some really cool looking tunics out of the corner of my eye...didn't look any further, went into class. For the next few weeks I did the same thing, spotted them out of the corner of my eye, went into class. Last week I couldn't take it anymore, I went over to see them. Lo and behold, they were Alo Sport. Duh. Today I finally succumbed, and I'm so freaking happy that I did. OH EM G. You guys, this is the Tunic-T to end all Tunic-T's.  It's so soft and so long. BUT it has a drawstring. So for those of you who aren't giants, you can make it shorter to your liking. AND it has a hood. Extra bonus points for a sexy back! It's perfection in a t-shirt/tunic/tank top. I'm smitten. I suppose I'm supposed to wear this as a cover-up for yoga, but this chick totally plans on wearing it out. A lot. Check out the (awful) iphone pics below.

Dear Tunic, 
I pink, puffy heart you...with stripper glitter. 

p.s. Happy Thursday!

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