Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 things she's loving right now. (Kindergarten Style)

My baby is starting Kindergarten in two weeks. TWO WEEKS??!! As much as I am truly ready for these two maniacs to go back to school, I cannot believe that this little person, who held onto one finger for three whole months before she decided she could walk on her own, is going to be taking a bus and going to "big kid school".  Sigh. Where has the time gone?

I asked if she'd like to pick her top 5 items for going to Kindergarten. She was psyched to help you all out. Here ya go.

1. Crocodile Creek Lunch Boxes

These are beyond adorable. BPA and Vinyl free. They have a large assortment of adorable designs, all with matching accessories. Snack keepers, sandwich holders, ect. ect. Miss E picked out the princess (it's the purple, chick cannot help herself) and my little one picked out the ballerina. 

Emma says: "They have whatever you like on them. And they have sandwiches carriers so your sandwich doesn't get smooshed."

I can't blame her for loving this collection. I think a majority of it is too mature for a 5 year old, but touches of it here and there are so sweet. The leopard print cardigan, the embellished tees and jeans. OK, so the lace up boots are a bit much for a Kindergartner, but can I have them??! 

Emma says: "It has all the stuff that I like! It has cheetah! (leopard print) And sparkles!"

I think everyone in my house would agree that GoGo Squeez is awesome. I like it because it's organic, 100% fruit, and easy to eat. She likes it because it's yummy, has tons of flavors, and is easy to eat. Plus it's "sort of cool". At least that's what I've been told. I wouldn't know. I'm an old lady. 

Emma says: "It has lots of flavors. I bet everyone could find one they like."

We love TOMS. We love that they give a pair for every pair purchased, we love that they are easy to throw on (which is awesome when you're running to get to school) and we love all the different patterns and color options. There is literally a pair of TOMS for everyone. 

Emma says: "They're pink and purple. Actually, the bottom is lavender. I love lavender! And they're swirly."

Have an apprehensive Kindergartner? This sweet little story will help to ease any fears your kiddo may have about the first day of school. 

Emma says: "Kindergarten ROCKS!"

There it is. 5 things she's loving right now. Kindergarten Style. Now, can I turn back time for another month or so??? Sniff Sniff. 

Silly smirk

Happy Wednesday! And happy back to school!


  1. Maddy LOVES squeeze anything - so we get those GoGo Squeez applesauces too, and the Earths Best organic fruit ones .... intended for babies but neat, tidy, and a great dose of healthy, organic fruit when they are on the go and/or being picky. My kids need new lunch boxes, off to check out that one to see if it's large enough for a full day at daycare! Too cute!

  2. We are big on the GoGoSqueez too! My oldest is off to Kindergarten next week - I am filled with mixed emotions about it all. So hard to believe this big step is finally here!