Friday, April 22, 2011

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs {tutorial}

Yesterday the Big One and I made the coolest Easter Eggs!! I got inspired by this post I saw over on off the {meat}hook. I was worried they weren't going to work but they did! They're amazing. And the best part is that they're easy and relatively cheap! All you need is eggs, 100% silk ties or scarfs (we used some we had and some we thrifted), white cloth (I used an old t-shirt), twine or string, water and white vinegar. Look how awesome!

You start by cutting your silk into squares and tightly wrapping the pieces around your UNCOOKED eggs, twist at the top and tie the silk with string or twine. Next wrap a piece of your white fabric around the silk wrapped egg, twist the top and tie again.  They should look like this when done. 

Next, you put the eggs in a non-reactive pot. Cast Iron or Stainless should work fine. I used a dutch oven. Cover with water and add 3 tbls of white vinegar. 

Cover and bring the water to a boil. Once it boils, turn the heat down and simmer for 30-40 minutes. I did 40, I wanted to make sure they worked! These are not for eating, by the way. For one the dye isn't food safe and who wants to eat an egg boiled for 40 minutes? Nasty! Oh, and my house smelled rather like a thrift store while this was going on. I actually had to open up the windows in the kitchen. 

Next you drain the eggs and allow to cool. 

This was hard to do! We were dying to see what our eggs looked like. I ended up putting them outside on the deck to speed up the process. 

Then, carefully unwrap the eggs..ooh and ahhh over how awesome they look. Each one was like a little gift. We had no idea how they would turn out!

Here are the eggs next to their fabric. It's crazy how different the eggs can look just based on what part of the pattern we used. 

{ugliest tie ever - coolest egg ever}

{this is the part of the egg that the twisty part touched}

Two of the scarves we thrifted I felt pretty guilty about cutting up..see below. 

Oh well. I'm not really a purple scarf wearing chick anyway. 

Happy Friday! Go dye some cool eggs and let me know how they turn out!


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