Friday, September 2, 2011

90 hours...Oh, Irene.

The amount of time we had neither power, nor running water, after Hurricane Irene came blowing through and knocking us on our ass. And we got lucky! No damage to our house or property. No major trees down or massive flooding of our basement. No sewer lines exploding poo into our brand new homes (this happened to someone I know, who is 8 months pregnant with a toddler at home!) That, Irene. What a real bitch! 

Here's how we survived:

1. Chutes and Ladders, Memory, Animal upon Animal. 
2. Uno & Monopoly. 
3. Manhattans & Martinis. 
4. Velveeta Mac and Cheese. Until I realized that without any running water, washing dishes is a real PITA. And nasty. 

5. PB&J's.
6. Avocados.
7. Tasters Choice (that stuff is gross, until you haven't had power for three days and then it tastes awesome. I need a french press, what a dumb dumb.)
8. Car cell phone and portable dvd chargers.
9. Dunkin Donuts! It was open the next town over. I love you DD!!!!!!!

10. Our grill. 
11. Playgrounds. 

12. Beer.
13. Wisps. 
14. Friends who live on lakes with generators! 
15. Filling our bathtubs full of water to flush toilets. Such a joy, let me tell you. Oh, and our upstairs bathtub doesn't hold water. Good to know!
16. Lots and lots of candles.
17. Baby wipes. 
18. Coolers of ice and frozen water bottles. (We still lost all of our freezer and most of the fridge. They needed a cleaning anyway, I just keep telling myself that.)

19. My husband. 
20. Laughter. Seriously! 

Hoping all of you effected by Irene are back on your feet very soon!!

Happy Friday, peeps.

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