Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Meal Planning - holidaze

Morning! It's the 19th. I have about a million things to do and not nearly enough time to do them all. And our freezer is broken...and I think the fridge is dying. Oh well. It'll all get done, or it won't, but at least we'll eat some yummy food. That is, if everything gets fixed in time! Yikes. Breathe.
Instead of my regular meal planning post, I'm posting a ton of different recipes to help get you through the week and into the weekend. Some are tried and true and some are new and different. I hope they make these next few days a little less stressful and a lot more tasty. 

My Mom's Eggnog
A Dozen Eggs (I use egg beaters, though we always grew up using real eggs)
1 cup of sugar
1 carton of vanilla ice cream
1 gallon of whole milk (or less, depending on how thick or thin you like your eggnog)
3 tablespoons vanilla (or more)
fresh grated nutmeg, to taste (lots!)

Add Spiced Rum or Amaretto for a boozy treat. 

Onion Jam - make this onion jam!!! And then use it to make a baked brie. 
Baked Brie - put the onion jam on the brie instead of sweet jam. Brush the dough w/ an egg wash and bake according to the recipe. 

Quick and Easy Dinners:
Thai Chicken Pizza - use store-bought dough and a rotisserie chicken!

Holiday Meals:
Beef Roast Braised in Zinfandel

Happy Monday! And we're off!

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