Wednesday, July 13, 2011

5 Things I'm loving right now {Summer 2011}

I thought it was high time for a 5 things I'm loving right now post, Summer 2011 style! I always love reading these posts on other blogs. I find some of my favorite things that way!

Here we go.

1. Online Hair Tutorials:
I'm slightly addicted to them. I need an online hair tutorial intervention. And even though 90% of the tutorials that I find I won't have the time or patience to do, I'm still totally into them. Especially the ones from Reagan at Hairdresser on Fire. And in particular, the Mermaid Braid Tutorial. Her tutorials are, for the most part, simple and quick. And adorable.

Here I am sporting the braid on my first try. I didn't have any bobby pins handy, like my green rubber band? Nice smirk, Erin.

2. Desert Pepper Salsa Del Rio:
Have you tried this stuff??!! HAVE YOU? My dear friend KS, aka Crazy-Pants McGee, brought it the last time she visited. It is outrageously good. Seriously, so yummy. I'd send you to their website, but they don't have one. Again, WHAT? How is that even possible. Anyway, the website is under construction. But the salsa can be purchased at many grocery stores and even Amazon. They even have it at the little shop around the corner from my house, and that's saying something. Buy it. Enjoy it. Thank me later. Or don't. Just eat it. 

3. Blue Nail Polish:
This is a weird one for me. I'm not a blue girl. I don't wear blue, I don't decorate with blue. I think mostly because it just doesn't look all that great on me. I do greens not blues. BUT something happened when I bought this dress from J-Crew for our BBQ...

I went for blue nails. Toe AND fingernails. I did two different colors. OPI Blue my Mind on my toes and Essie Coat Azure on my nails. I loved it!!! So much so that this week I'm wearing Essie Beach Bum Blu on my toes. I'm psyched to try more blue nail colors. Any suggestions??

Oh this is so, so, good! I've made it a few times already this summer. It's brilliant to bring to a potluck or just to whip up if you have friends stop on by. I can't get enough of it! Make it this weekend! I plan on it. 

I was looking for something to wear in the summer that was lightweight and with just a little bit of coverage. In came this fantastic, tinted moisturizer. And for $13 the price is just right! I'm so excited I found this stuff! 

So there you have it. The top 5 things I'm loving right now, Summer 2011 style. Tell me, what are you loving right now?

Happy Wednesday!