Friday, July 22, 2011

Post Haircut, Post Brown Out

Got my hair cut! HURRAY! My hairdresser, Heather, at the Adam Broderick Salon in Ridgefield, CT, is ah-mazing. She totally gets my hair and gives me the best blow out in the history of blow outs. Which is awesome because I can't do it myself, just not possible. My old hairdresser in the city used to have to open the door to his tiny salon when he was blow drying my hair. If he didn't, he would fog up all the mirrors and window. So yeah, I got hair.  The only problem with having my hair blown out when it's 105, and about 1 million percent humidity, is that the second my sweaty brow touches my straightened hair it starts to curl. We'll see how long this blow out lasts...

(Eek! It's already starting to kink at the top. Hey, Erin. Put on some makeup.)

Oh, and then we came home and we had no power. Which means no AC and no water. We have a well, which is powered by a pump, which runs on electricity. DAMN YOU, NYSEG! It's mo-fo hot! I need my air. I need water! Oh, but then the air came back on after about an hour. Thanks, NYSEG! Smooches. My hair and I thank you. 


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