Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Thursday {warning - really random}

This might be the most random post I ever write.  Oh well.

1. "She said what??!!"

Big One: "I'm feeling a little nervous."
Me: "Nervous, why?"
Big One: "I'm a little scared of her." {pointing to her little sister}
Me: "Why are you scared of her?"
Big One: "Because she's a pirate. {turning to her little sister} Isn't that right, Captain?"
Little One: "ARGGGGH!!!!!!!"
Big One: "You see??"

Did she tell her to call her, Captain? Because that is hilarious. Anyway, moving on...

2.  Ever walk into a Pottery Barn or a Restoration Hardware, ect. ect, and noticed how fantastically fluffy and full the duvets on the bed set-ups look? There are two reasons. One is that they steam all the linens while they're on the bed. This helps. But the main reason they look fantastic while yours looks flat as a pancake, is that they have two if not THREE duvets inside that one duvet cover to make it look that way. I asked once. I bring this up now because when I got new linens for our guest bedroom I had an extra duvet and put it in the duvet cover. It looks fab. My poor quests probably swelter under it. Sorry, guys!

3. Jillian Michaels. That chick grates on the nerves. What's with the voice? Stop talking to me. STOP IT! I just have these next 20 minutes to "shred", so leave me alone. OK??? ok. Also, is it wrong to finish working out and immediately eat a chewy ginger cookie? Oh.

There you have it folks. Random.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I like to tell Jillian to fuck off. I say "FUCK YOU JILLIAN" about a hundred times. Because yeah she's JUST STANDING THERE like 90% of the time. I hate her. (I rocked a bikini though because of her so not too much hate).

    You kids are funny.

    Pottery barn is a bunch of sneaky bastards. Just like Martha Stewart. Once I wanted to knit a blanket she had in her magazine. What she didn't disclose was that the yarn she uses costs ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Eff you Martha.

    Ok that's all.

  2. RIGHT??!!! Oh well, it sort of does kick my ass that video. She should just zip it! That there Martha lives about 10 minutes from my house, want me to fight her? Can you imagine??! HA!