Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 Things I'm loving right now {Fall 2011}

I thought it was high time for a 5 things I'm loving right now post! WOOOT! I love writing these posts. They're always so random and hopefully give you a glimpse into my weird little world.

I love me some fall. I love candy corn and pumpkin flavored anything. I love hay rides and harvest festivals. I love little ones in Halloween costumes and the smell of apple crisp baking up in the oven. OH! And fires. And candy corn. Did I say that already? 

This beer!! Oh this wonderful beer! Do me a favor and try it. Do me a bigger favor and try it in a frosty mug with a cinnamon and sugar rim. Oh, yeah. You heard me.

 You might not have heard of Rachel Platten, but trust me, you will soon enough. She's totally enchanting. Her debut album, "Be Here", has great pop beats but enough grit to keep it from being sticky sweet. Besides, she has the pipes to back it up.

I can't stop listening to the first song on the album, "Nothing Ever Happens." It's catchy and lovely and I can't get it out of my head. Song #2, "Overwhelmed", is a "sing at the top of your lungs while cruising down the road" kind of song. My favorite kind. I think it showcases her vocals more than any other song on the album.  Then there's, "1,000 ships", the 6th song on the album. I dare you not to love it! DARE YOU! The kicky, little, tap dance beat in, "Take These Things Away", the 7th song on the album, is totally perfect. It's a breezy, simple song that I love cooking to. Weird? Maybe, but it's the perfect cooking song for me. Sweet and a little slow but with beautiful lyrics and gorgeous vocals. 

Check her out. I think you'll like. It's more sunny and poppy than the typical music I subject myself to.  And I'm happier for it. 

Damn you, Trader Joe's! Why did you have to come out with something so insanely awesome??!
These are perfect. Go grab a bag. That way I can't eat them all myself!

It's no secret that I sort of, kind of, totally love Zooey Deschanel. I find her to be adorable and funny and quirky as hell. Her new show on Fox, "New Girl" is awesomesauce! It's so flippin funny. I almost peed in my pants watching the pilot. I was totally bummed when it wasn't on last night thanks to baseball. Baseball can suck it.....Sorry, baseball. I just missed watching the show last night. You're totally fine. Go back to baseball-ing. But seriously, you all must watch this show. Tuesdays, 9pm EST. on Fox. It's major funny. Dudes will love it too. Promise. 

Ohhh! I love these new jeans I got in San Francisco. I wanted a break from skinnies and jeggings and reached for these beauties. They're awesome. Especially with a pair of beat up cowboy boots. I feel a little Jaclyn Smith in them and that can't be a bad thing! 

So that is that. 5 things I'm loving this Fall! What are you loving right now? I'd love to hear!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh ill play ... I love my clarisonic, my cowboy boots, bliss dairy cookie dough ice cream, my mini van (we had to), and of course real housewives and Rachel zoe!

  2. I love a friend who loves a good rim! <3