Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vacation (all I ever wanted) San Francisco - Part 1

Sigh, San Francisco. There is something really magical about it. The hills, the smells, the light!! The food and the people. It's almost perfect. The hubs and I got to SF a day earlier than the rest of the crew. And luckily our hotel was right up the street from the Embarcadero Center and the Ferry Building Marketplace. It was a perfect location for a short stay. The Ferry Building is brilliant. Full of amazing little stalls of food and gifts, wine and coffee, and lots of great restaurants on the bay. I honestly could have gone everyday we were in SF. Well, we did go two days in a row. I couldn't help it!

(note: all pics are SOOC. Too many pics to edit!!)

Aw. How cute. I look like I have a slight mustache. Why don't people tell me these things? Still, it's frame-able. 

HA! This became a sort of theme for the trip. Just sayin'

We bought the book, Larry Gets Lost in San Francisco, for the littles. It's awesome. We've been reading it every night since we got back. Larry has books where he gets lost in NY, LA and Seattle. I have to get the NY one next. 

Boccalone is AMAZEBALLS. You can get meat cones (yes cones of meat) to eat on the go or have them pack up picnic platters to bring w/ you. We had them make one for our drive up to Sonoma. It hit the spot. 

Cowgirl Creamery. Oh, Cowgirl. I love you. I honestly felt my palms get a little sweaty walking over to pick out cheese for our drive up. It was a like a first date. I felt like I should re-apply my lip gloss. 

Have you ever had Blue Bottle Coffee??!! I hadn't either. I think it might have changed my life. Their iced coffee is like a gift from the coffee gods. It's creamy, silky, cool, rich, coffee love. I just found out that there's one in Brooklyn. I will be hitting up Brooklyn soon for a fix. In the meantime, here's the recipe for the iced coffee!

We ate loads of shellfish since we didn't have to worry about the Little One and her allergy. These oysters were like butter. It was nuts. 

Our very, very good friend and old college roomie met us for oysters and a drink. These two have been pulling stunts like this since the day I met them, our third day of college. They still kill me. Please, don't tell them I said that. 

This awesome lady was the only chick fishing off of the pier. She let me take her picture. 

We went BACK to the Ferry Building after walking around outside for awhile. We couldn't help ourselves. 

We ended up here. The Ferry Plaza Wine Bar. It was attached to their wine store. One of the things I loved about it, besides for the convenience, was that you could buy a bottle at the store and bring it over to the wine bar. You only had to pay a corkage fee. Awesome! They also had yummy meat and cheese platters w/ goodies from all the stalls around the building. 

This is just the beginning peeps...hope you'll stay tuned for more wine and food love! And a really, insanely, giant olive.


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