Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Things We're Loving Right Now - {Winter 2012}

Ok so it's been Winter for awhile now, but around here, it hasn't really felt like Winter. Not that I'm complaining, I'm totally cool with it. The only really junky thing about this mild Winter is all the horrid sickness that's going around. It's the worst. Not to mention, we've been planning on tapping our Maple trees this season and making syrup, but we're not sure the syrup will run properly without the right mix of cold and warm days! Blah, blah, I live in the country now, but seriously!!! I guess we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we've discovered some things that we're absolutely loving right now..I think you'll dig them too.

1. San Pellegrino Pompelmo - (otherwise known as Grapefruit)

We always have the Limonata and Aranciata (lemonade and orange) flavors on hand. In fact, the lemon got me through my second pregnancy, but this Grapefruit is by far my favorite! We started finding it in stores about a month ago, and I can't get enough! Try it. Tastes like summer in a glass.

2. Trader Joe's Roasted Seaweed Snack

My 5 year old loves these. LOVES. The funny part, I can't stomach them! But she inhales them. I've seen her eat an entire bag in one sitting. Which is great, because seaweed is fantastic for you. Try them out. Maybe your 5 year old is as weird as mine?

3. Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Awakening Blush

Ok seriously, this stuff is NO JOKE! I tried it on at Sephora a few days ago to see if I liked it, and HOURS later, I still looked awake and lively, not pale and tired. Which, as a mom of two little maniacs, is how I always look at the end of the day. It's awesomesauce.  I will marry it. Can we marry blush in New York? That's too bad. Because I love it with all my little heart. Try it. Trust in the City Mouse.

4. The Wet Brush

Dear, Wet do I love thee? Um, I just do. Brushing out my oldest daughter's incredibly thick, very long hair, was a nightmare. My insanely awesome hair stylist, who also happens to have two little girls, told me to buy the Wet Brush. In fact, she sold it to me. Thank you, Heather!!! We now have a super easy post bath time routine. No more screaming and freaking out (I've calmed down some) and her hair is so much easier to manage. I don't have to chop it off anymore. Hurray! Try it. I bet you like it!

5. Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Conditioning Lip Balm with Turmeric

Let me start off by saying, I realize this is the worst name for a lip balm in history. I mean, really. And I realize that $15 for lip balm sounds insane. I agree. In fact, when I was buying it, my husband almost passed out, right there in the Origins store in the mall. Thankfully he didn't and thankfully I bought it. It has saved my lips this winter. It's not greasy or slick or sticky. It just goes on and stays on. And my lips are fantastically un-cracked. If only we could change the name....

That's it! 5 things we're loving this Winter!!

Happy Friday!!! Go do something good this weekend.

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