Friday, March 23, 2012

blah, blah,'s Friday!!

It's totally Friday and my laundry situation is dire. Send in some troops, y'all, because this shiz is beyond bad. It's just been so nice here! I can't spend my afternoons folding clothes when I could be playing in the dirt with my girls and getting sort of burned at the playground! And Popsicles need to be eaten. I mean, come on. It'll probably snow next week. Besides, it's supposed to be craptastic this weekend. I can do all the laundry on Sunday. The girls can wear my husbands boxers as pj's. It's FINE! I'll wear weird old dresses and maternity jeans, NBD. I got a pedicure on Monday. So..I've got that going for me.

See?? I'm wearing old lady Worishofer's today. These babies are two years old and look brand new.

For some reason my husband decided he wanted to start collecting antique toy tractors. Like all at once. We had three already, but this week boxes of old tractors started arriving at our house. The girls were psyched! I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to be playing with them.....

SNAP! She caught me. I didn't realize I needed a waiver. She has that indignant, hands on the hips, teenager thing going on. She's only 5. I'm so screwed.

This morning we had to drive my husband to the train station, and decided to run over to Stew Leonard's for some food and eggs for our Easter Egg Extravaganza (tm) this weekend. And as happy as I am that my eggs are local, I'd rather not have my Easter Eggs announcing it to the world. 

There were a bunch of dudes walking around the store talking about whatever dudes that work for Stew Leonard's talk about, and I stopped them to point it out. It was rather hilarious. I wonder if you buy your eggs next week if they'll be stamped??? I'm betting, no. 

And then they spotted it, the Easter Bunny Candy Crack House! So of course we had to get it. 

Oh my. That is a boat load of frosting

Her sister shows a lot more restraint. 

Except when it comes to licking the drippy frosting off the base. She can't help herself. I tried it, it tasted blue. 

This little guy's gonna haunt my dreams! "I'm melting!!!"

TADA! It's like the Easter Bunny had one too many mai tai's and puked all over our house. They are so proud of it. It's awesome. 

Oh! And, we got a bed. 

We're grown ups now. I'm so proud of us. It's the 19th Century Quatrefoil Iron Bed from Restoration Hardware. I love it. 

And now I have to go. We have a baby sitter coming in 2 hours and my legs are hairy.

Happy Friday!!


  1. This post literally made me LOL and that bed is divine. We need a big kid bedroom set. We have furniture from when I was 15. Happy Friday!

  2. Bwahaha! Love it. We got a real bed and mattress 5 year ago and I'm still In love with both of them!

  3. I feel so mature! We've been collecting furniture for years but just never got a bed. Of course now everything else in the room looks like crap....figures. :)