Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh hey, Vermont.

Oh, sigh..what a weekend. The girls and I went up to Vermont for a few days with friends. And it snowed, finally! A little skiing, a little sledding, a lot of crafting. We hung out by the fire and watched movies. We walked around in the village and had Bloody Mary's and maybe a shot of Jager, or two. The grown ups, I mean. Ski villages are so magical. Everyone is happy and full of adrenaline from being outside and racing down the slopes. The air is almost electric, you can feel the crackle in the air. We had loads of fun. And we can't wait to go back...

Snow! REAL snow! 

This little one can't hang too long. "HELP ME!!!" 

Radar. He is in love with me. The feeling is mutual

More her speed. Crafting galore

They called this tub the "Hot Tub" Little did they realize the real hot tub was downstairs and outside.

If you're in Vermont, you MUST go to The Vermont Country Store. My 5 year old declared it, "Awesome!"


I didn't realize cow's HAD voices. 

Oh, Martha.

"Gee, your hair smells terrific" Actually, no. It smells yuck. 

They smelled all the soap. Twice. 

What a blast!!! Thanks, Dawn and Greg! We had so much fun. 

Back to reality. 
Happy Monday!

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