Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All About City Mouse (aka me)

When I started this blog I did just that, just started. I wanted to get past the fear of words on a blank page and decided to "Just Do It (tm Nike - ha). I realized this week that I never really introduced myself. I thought about writing it all in haiku but realized a list might be best. Also, because a list is easier and I tend to write them all day anyway.

  • I met my husband the third day of college.
  • He was speaking in a fake (horrible) British accent.
  • He was sitting with the guy who would be our Best Man at our wedding. They had met the first day of college. You would never have known this. 
  • We started dating a few weeks later. My husband, not our Best Man.
  • We've been together for a million years..actually I guess it'll be 16 years this fall. Holy crap. And married for 6 years this June. Yes, we dated for 10 years before marriage. 
  • We went to art school. It's a pretty famous art school.
  • I have my degree in photography but I'm not a professional. 
  • Until this past December I hadn't picked up a SLR since 2000.
  • I worked in Interior Design before leaving to have the Big One.
  • Before that Graphic Design and Web Design.
  • Before that I was a photographer's assistant and made like $3 an hour. Ok maybe a little more but not much. I ate a lot of ramen and tofu scrambles.
  • Our girls are 4 and almost 2.
  • They both have light colored eyes and we both have brown.
  • I love cheese.
  • I love eating it and cooking it and shopping for it.
  • I love Booze. There. I said it.
  • We moved from the city to the "country" three years ago.
  • I miss the take out the most of all. Oh the FOOOD!!!!
  • I'm one of three kids. All of us love to cook. Like, really love it. 
  • I'm the youngest by 9 years. I'm a "Bahama baby." I'm not sure I love knowing that. Thanks, Parents!
  • I hate that our families lives so far away from us. It's the pits.
  • I'm seriously loving blogging. Should've done it sooner but I probably wouldn't have stuck with it, so it's probably good that I waited this long!
That'll do for now. I'll leave you with this Haiku.

The sun is shining
Tomorrow six inches. what?
Holy crap hold me

Isn't that lovely? 

awwwww..sniff sniff. I need a zyrtec.


  1. Hi Erin
    How do you find blogging with kids? Ever since I discovered Harlie was on the way, my blogging has been very spotty. Do you think that if you had started before your kids were born that you would have stuck with it? I'm kind of worried I'll never get the blog bug back. She's not even 4 months old so it's still early but it would be interesting to hear your perspective :)

  2. Oh Candace, there is NO WAY I could've even done it last year, let alone when they were first born! I could barely get out of my own way. Plus add in nursing all.the.time. It would've been tough. It gets easier! And if you like blogging, you'll get back to it. Give yourself some time. And Congrats on Harlie, she's a beauty!

  3. and in the minute it took me to write that response, my youngest broke a beaded bracelet (beads EVERYWHERE) and dumped a potted plant. So...