Friday, March 18, 2011

Camera - FAIL

The Big One and I spent hours outside yesterday, playing, and jumping, and blowing bubbles, and me taking tons of pictures. And then my battery died. And then I went to charge the battery, and the charger was toast. And so my week 11 assignment for Paint the Moon - Let's do 52 is stuck on my camera until I can get a new charger or a new card reader. And Nikon is being shitty. Thank's Nikon! AHH. Until then I have my point and shoot and my iphone. The iphone won out today. Now to decide which one to use for the week. The theme is Power or Up. 

(This has nothing to do with Power or Up.
 I just love that there's a horse farm across from my daughter's nursery school.)

FRIDAY people!!!! HURRAY!

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