Friday, March 4, 2011

Park Fun in Ft. Myers, Florida

Oh, how much fun we had yesterday. We spent the afternoon at The Lakes Park, in Ft. Myers, Florida. This place is brilliant! Two water play areas, two huge and beautiful playgrounds, a beach, a lake, a mini-train (this wasn't running yesterday, didn't matter, we still had a blast) an ice cream stand. You can rent bikes and boats and canoes. There's tons of wildlife to look at. A community garden, ect. ect. And it's only a $1 an hour to park OR $5 for the whole day. Honestly if we lived here, we'd be there at least once a week. The girls couldn't believe their luck. In fact, I could barely snap a picture of the Little One. She didn't stop moving long enough!

Happy Friday!


  1. New to your blog and your photog skills have me captivated. Are you a professional or self taught. I am just starting to get into photography after purchasing my first DSLR. Any tips?! Your girls are beautiful!j

  2. Mimi, you made my day! Thank you. I'm not a pro but I do have my degree in photography. I just got back into it again after a long break. I'm planning on doing a post with some great links that I found that helped refresh my memory when I picked up the camera again. And thank you for stopping by!!