Friday, March 11, 2011

See ya later shellfish, Hello epi-pen!

The Big One loves Shrimp. She also loves Chinese food. She begs to go to PF Changs for wonton soup. Two weeks ago she asked for Dumplings and "dip" (gyoza sauce) for dinner. I had a package of Trader Joe's shrimp dumplings in the freezer and figured it was an easy dinner with some brown rice and broccoli. I could not for the life of me remember if the Little One had eaten shrimp yet, my poor brain, but was pretty sure she had it in some pasta and decided to give it a go. Ugh. In the span of 2 minutes, her chubby, little face was flaming red and covered in hives. Since she was only wearing a diaper, (I had just given her a bath and didn't want to mess up another outfit, so there) she had hivey little hand prints all over her legs and belly. It was scary, and fast. I quickly took the food away, called her pediatrician's after-hours line and left a message for a nurse to call me back. Side note, why do these things always happen after hours. Anyone??!! Threw her in the bath with some calming body wash and slathered her with calming cream. Thankfully, she wasn't having aanaphylactic reaction. Two hours later, she was fine. It was like nothing happened. BTW, if you don't have Children's Benadryl on hand, get some!! I'm so happy I had it.

Fast forward to today, and our first appointment with the Pediatric Allergist. My poor Little One had to have a scratch test. Have you ever had to hold your 23 month old still while they stick her tiny little back and she wails and you silently cry and your 4 year old holds her hand and pats her bottom?? It sucks. Then you have to hold them still for twenty minutes on their stomach!! WHAT??!!! But she did it. With a little help from Toy Story 3, her big sister, and the promise of a lollypop. Turns out, she is allergic to shellfish. She also had a slight reaction to soy. We have an epi-pen for the shellfish and had to get blood work done to confirm the soy. If the numbers come back high, she's allergic, and the hard work begins, since soy is in practically everything. If it comes back low, we do a tolerance test. For now, we wait a week. Stay away from soy, no shellfish, and lots of cuddles and kisses and ice cream, I think. Is it cocktail time yet? This mama's beat. 

(Sucking so hard)

(Such a sweet, little face)

(All better! Hurray for stickers!)

Any advice for me? I could use it! 

At least it's Friday, right??!


  1. Figuring out allergies can be tedious. I'm glad she's doing better. That's amazing how quickly her symptoms appeared! Soy is one of the top allergens, so if she is allergic, I'm sure there are plenty of other options out there. Hugs. Keep us posted!

  2. Thanks! We'll know more in a week or so. In the meantime all I'm craving is shrimp! Figures, right?

  3. Did you get results today? I hope everything turns out okay and you avoid the soy allergy!