Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Garden {It grows!}

It grows!!! Kind of. We had a crazy amount of the rain the past few weeks. I've been worried about rot and bugs and slime and all kinds of stuff. So far we seem to be hanging in there. 

We have beans! These little buddies are growing on a plant that the Big One planted as a seed at school. We harvested a few the other night and the girls ate them with their dinner. 

Kohlarabi! I'm so excited about these plants. We've never planted them before and they're really cool to watch grow. Unfortunately...

our biggest one split in half. I'm guessing it's an uneven watering/moisture situation. Unfortunately nothing I could really do. But, do I pick it? Can we still eat it? I'm a Kohlrabi newbie. Any guidance?

Jerusalem Artichoke. Huge!


Sweet Pickle Peppers. Aren't these gorgeous?

Early Girls

I'm a little worried about this guy. It's my Mortgage Lifter tomato. It has a slight blight look about it. Very reminiscent of 2009. I'm not pulling it yet. Hoping it'll turn around. 

Hello, Cucumbers! What nice pickles you'll make. 

Crookneck Squash

A sea of wild mint. And I really mean a sea. It's crazy!

And...we have Hydrangea! We planted these two plants three years ago and have yet to have them bloom, until this year. Hurray!

What's coming up in your garden? Any big hits or misses? I'd love to hear!

Happy Wednesday!


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