Friday, June 3, 2011

Spontaneous Friday

I plan a lot. Probably a little too much. Why don't I live more spontaneously!!?? Partly it's the schedule of school and activities, and partly it's my need for control. GASP! I said it. Yeah, it's true. I need to let it go a bit. I woke up this morning and decided that a spontaneous trip to the children's museum in Norwalk, CT, Stepping Stones, followed by a trip to the Burger Bar (surprise, surprise) was in order for today.  It was so wonderful to pack the girls into the truck, tell them we were going to the store for some things for the garden, we did do that on the way, and then surprise them with a fun morning/afternoon out. 

The phone in the restaurant rang while we were eating lunch. The Big One says, "I'm not here!!!" Dying, dying, dead....

She only has one more year of pre-school and then she's off to Kindergarten....

This little munchkin starts pre-school in the fall....

You can't stop time, that's for sure. 

But silly last minute trips to play, goof about and drink lemonade on sunny, almost summer Fridays are important. It gets the lead out. 

Happy Friday!


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