Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Party Planning {not even close to wordless wednesday}

We've been throwing a summer BBQ since we moved to this house. This is our third party and our biggest yet. I decided to start planning extra early. I'm not a big "theme" girl but I do love working with a color scheme. Usually something random catches my eye and I work around that. Sometimes it's in a magazine or online, sometimes it's something I already own, and sometimes it's a random thing in the store. This year I spotted the yellow caddy below and fell in love with the color. I've decided to work around that. I'll incorporate things I already own and things I'll pick up along the way. Here's what I have so far. {yes, I have a little Target problem}

a. Yellow Beverage Buckets. I LOOOOVE beverage buckets. I pick them up here and there because I find they come in handy all summer long. These I plan on using for kids toys. One with bubbles and bubble wands and one with balls. These are from Target. They were $5.99 each. Great price!

b. Yellow Metal Caddy. My inspiration for this summer's BBQ. Super adorable. Really great, bright color. Also from Target, they have these in a ton of different colors. 

c. Red Solo Cups. HA! My husband refuses to use any other cup for a BBQ. Fine, this year I've decided to incorporate the red of the cups into my color scheme! 

d. Fabulous Acrylic Goblets. These look so much like my favorite Juliska glassware. But they're definitely not. Also from Target, these were hidden on an end cap. I grabbed the last clear ones they had left. About $3.00 a glass!

e. Pierced Metal Hurricane. These were on clearance at my Target. They had them in three sizes. I bought two of the medium and two of the small. I'm in love with them.

f. Small Tin Buckets. They always have versions of these in the dollar section of Target. I've bought them in all sorts of colors in the past. This time I got yellow, white and "silver".

g. Govino Wine Glasses. My favorite new product of the summer. I first found these in April and purchased a set of four. I couldn't live without more. They are fantastic! Shatterproof, reusable glasses, that actually allow the wine to taste like it should!

h. Glass Beverage Dispenser. I'll admit these are pretty slow flowing, but at $20 they're worth it to me. Most glass beverage dispensers are much, much more expensive. One for white sangria and the other for Porch Crawlers.

i. Crayons.

j. Kraft Paper. I'll cover the food and eating tables with Kraft paper. Put buckets of crayons on the tables for guests to scribble away. The best part is I can label all the food directly on the Kraft Paper. Plus, it makes for easy clean up!

That's it for now. I plan on throwing mason jars, red and white gingham ribbon and red bandanas into the mix. Next up, menu planning...ahhh!

Happy Wednesday!


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