Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Meal Planning {eek!}

AH! We got a little caught up in projects this morning and my meal planning post got put on the back burner. Here's what we've been doing this morning...

Tie Dye!

Tie Dyed Hands - gruesome

Paintings, second layer drying. Little One, Me, Me, Big One

Now for the food! Have you checked out Pinterest yet??! I'm slightly addicted. It's an amazing online pin or cork board of sorts. Anything that you find interesting you "pin" to a board of your choice. Then, it saves the pin for you. You can organize the pins anyway you like. I have a board for personal style, food (of course), photography, kitchen inspiration, ect. ect. So, this week lets do a weekly menu based on some of the yummy food I've pinned. Let me know if you need an invite to join Pinterest!! I'll send one along...

Happy Monday! 


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