Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Countdown: Appetizers

Morning, Peeps! OK, so we've got the Turkey and the Stuffing down. Lets talk Apps. You really only need a couple things. I like to have one hot and one not. Plus a cheese and fruit platter. Easy.

These dates are outrageous. Even if you don't think you like dates, make them! Really easy and really delicious. Just take the dates and cheeses out of the fridge so they soften up and are easier to use. My bf turned me on to this recipe and I'm so happy she did. Yummy.

Cheese Stuffed Dates with Prosciutto 

For your hot app. Make baked brie. But instead of using a fruit jam, make this onion jam instead! Brush the pastry with an egg wash instead of sugar and bake according to the recipe. You might want to double the onion jam and use half in the brie and half in a bowl next to the cheese platter. Outrageous! Plus the jam on a leftover turkey sandwich? Yes. 

Just an FYI. I don't cook the cornbread stuffing IN the bird. It's always sort of worried me. Not to mention I think it dries out the bird a bit. So I cook it separate in a buttered baking dish. I stuff the turkey w/ onions, lemons and herbs and call it a day.

Phew. That's that. Appetizers done!

Happy Friday!

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