Monday, May 30, 2011

The Beginning...

of summer. It means mornings drinking coffee on the screened in porch. Driving into town for warm cinnamon sugar donuts. Yummy breakfast sandwiches with local adirondack hot sauce. Boat trips that turn rainy. Big, warm sweatshirts. Freezing cold lakes. Babies that don't have a care in the world and big sisters who look on in awe. Balloon helicopters, bouncy balls, shiny rocks in small purple pouches. Chicken wings so hot you break a sweat and cold pitchers of Saranac. Canoes, kayaks, laughing with friends you haven't seen in 9 months. Garage sales, soft serve, fireworks by the pond and peepers peeping so loud you can barely hear yourself think.

It's gonna be a great year...

(Back where she belongs, driving a boat)

(The L-Man)

(9 months is a long time to be away from your best friend)

(Chicken wing nirvana)

(water temp: about 55 degrees - brrrrr)

(Nick's Lake in the Black River Wild Forest)

(Sweetest pup in the history of pups)

Happy Memorial Day! Happy Summer!


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