Friday, May 6, 2011

Five for Friday - our weird world

1. My 4 year old is waking up with nightmares every night, again. This was happening for awhile and we thought we fixed it with an earlier bedtime. Well..they're BAAAAACK. And they suck. It wouldn't be so awful if she didn't just sit in her bed screaming for us. We've told her time and again to just come into our room. But nope, sits and screams. And SOMEHOW her little sister sleeps through it. That kid is so chill she probably wakes up, hears her screaming, thinks nothing of it and goes back to sleep. I'm at a loss. Last night she told us it was too dark in her room. Her night light did just break so maybe a new night light? What else? A dream catcher? Any ideas at all??? We're running on empty over here and there's only so much coffee one can drink in a day.

2. My two year old has decided her rain boots are her new "lovey". Like she wont take them off. Last night she wanted to take a bath with them. She actually slept with them on. Yup, slept with them. I didn't feel like fighting it. Her big sister used to sleep with a deck of cards but rain boots are a little weird. I guess it's better than a banana peel or a garden tool.

3. Gap is giving out "surprise" discount coupons this weekend. 20%, 30% or 40% off. I got one yesterday for 30% off! So I bought the girls a bunch of summer/spring clothes and me a few pairs of slightly odd fitting pants, I'm not sold on them yet, and this hat. It's a weird hat. I don't know. Should it stay or should it go?

I realize my face and eyes are crazy puffy. That's what happens when you don't sleep and you live in a pollen infested environment. That reminds me, I need more Zyrtec.

4. We're starting our garden this weekend!! I'll be updating every week with pictures and random garden stuff. I'm so excited to try out some new plants this year. Last year we grew 16 different kinds of heirloom tomatoes. I'm placing my tomato order today and hope to try some different ones from last year.  And I'm planning on making a new pickle a week during the summer! I just saw a recipe for pickled radishes that I have to try. So think sunny, warm, happy planting thoughts for us this weekend.

5. Happy Friday! I need to go put some eye compresses on these puffy eyes and make another cup of joe.

Happy Weekend!


  1. You MUST try the Eight Ball Zucchini Squash plant. We planted one last year and it was definitely one of my favorite things of the season. Oh! And Kohlrabi, seriously good!

  2. Oh, Amy!! I wanted to try both of those. Did you plant seedlings? Where did you get them?

  3. The Good Earth:

    We were too chicken to start from seeds!

  4. Hi, I actually came over here from the Nest. I don't comment very often there, but I have to say I love your photos! I wanted to tell you that my daughter, who also happens to be 4, wakes up with nightmares quite often. Some things that have worked for us is a bracelet with "sticky kisses" she wears it to bed some nights to keep the bad dreams away. I kiss it with sticky kisses and it makes her feel better :). My mother in law gave her a stuffed dog, "Love Dog", that keeps her safe from the bad dreams. Since she has gotten Love Dog, the bad dreams don't seem to come as much. One more thing we do is talk about the good dreams she is going to have. I lay in bed with her and we talk about the most beautiful scene we can think of (think fairies in dew drops and rainbows and picnics in fields full of flowers). It seems to help also. We have tried to pull out all the stops! I hope this helps :)~Shaye