Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Triple Rant (you've been warned!)

I gotta get this off of my chest. All of it. I'm not a ranter by nature, at least out loud or in public, or when sober, but the weather is craptastic and what better time to spew my guts, right? Right.

1. Wildlife. Yuck. I know we live in the "Country", but come on! Maybe we've been lucky these past three years. I guess we have been. But ticks and mice suck. Who wants to rip ticks out of their 4 year olds hairline? Not me. I know we live in a super tick-ish area but I was sort of hoping we wouldn't have to deal with it. Naive, I realize. The yard has now been treated. Lets hope we get away without anyone getting Lyme Disease. I've been crazily searching the kid for the dreaded bulls eye and haven't seen anything yet. Fingers crossed.

Mice. Yuck. I hate rodents. Always have. I even sort of hated my own hamster. Sorry, Sebastian. You freaked me out. In the past few weeks we've had one alive mouse, one very dead mouse (it was like Animal CSI up this place) and one slightly dead mouse. Thanks, Suki! (our 18 lb Maine Coon) I had a little coronary last night when the cat climbed into bed with us, I was sure he was bringing me a present. CHILLS. I swear I keep seeing things move out of the corner of my eye. I'm such a baby.

2. This friggin' weather. Is it raining where you live? No? Lucky. It's been crap here since Sat. afternoon. With no letting up in sight. So, that sucks. I'm trying to not let it get the best of me. I made a mug of tea (Trader Joe's Duchess Grey Tea) in my favorite mug (Target), added some honey we got on our recent trip, and sat down to write this post..

and then I spilled it on myself and all over the newly washed sofa cushions. Seriously? Thankfully I had also made popcorn with butter and truffle salt. 

(edited to add that I made myself ANOTHER cup and spilled it yet again. Win.)

3. Chill out, people. Everyone needs to breathe a little more and bitch a little less. Wait, aren't I doing that right now? Yes, kind of. So I guess I need to listen to myself. Regardless, I know a million (ok, maybe like 50) moms that need to start cutting themselves some slack for f's sake! And the people around them that are making them feel less-than, need to grow up! It's not a contest. It's not a race. It's life. Not every kid is potty trained by 15 months. Not every kid walks at 9 months. Not every mom is back into her pre-pregnancy jeans at 2 months postpartum. And it's ok. Breathe, make some brownies, go for a run, whatever. Do something to make yourself and your family feel good. I know I'm guilty of it too, but I'm really trying to stop. It's pointless. When we try to do it all we end up doing a half ass job. And what's the point of that? 

And now I'm going to make myself a third cup of tea and watch Lady and Tramp with the Big One. Nothing like dogs eating spaghetti to cheer a chick up.

Happy Tuesday! Breathe.



  1. loved reading this....good laughs and especially liked the last paragraph.

  2. Thanks, Susan, it was cathartic to write :)