Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Garden {post #2}

My allergies are kicking my ass today. At one point I actually thought I was going to puke from the pain in my face. I spent a few HOURS on my butt on the sofa w/ the Big One while the Little One napped and felt crazy sorry for myself. Thankfully the Zyrtec and Advil kicked in just when the UPS dude arrived with the last (almost last) of my plants! HURRAY! So the three of us went out and planted some stuff.

Here's the final list of what we planted:

Burpless Hybrid Cucumbers
Burpee Pickle Cucumbers
Diva Cucumbers
Bush Pickle Cucumbers
Pole Beans
Crookneck Squash
Eight-Ball Zucchini
Ichabod Eggplant
Black Beauty Eggplant
Serrano Peppers
Sweet Pickle Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
Hot Cherry Peppers
Orange and Green Bell Pepper
Jerusalem Artichoke

The Tomatoes:

Amish Rose
Black Brandywine
Early Girl
Violet Jasper
Mortgage Lifter
French Marmara

PHEW! We're waiting on some Yellow Taxi and Wild Cherry tomatoes..but for now, we're done!

Come on beauties. Grow!

Happy Gardening!


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