Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - {Sisters}

How lucky are they?! How lucky am I?!!!
(plus, they let me sleep till 9 this morning!! 9!!!!)

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Just too precious for words. And the camera you have is?

  2. Thank you! I use a Nikon D3100 but I also have my BFA in Photography. These are pretty doctored in photoshop in order to get rid of some nasty shadows. Considering how quickly I was losing light, I'm surprised I got much of anything! Helps to just keep clicking. I shot about 50 pictures in the span of around 12 minutes.

  3. Oh Erin! LOVE! What a great moment to have captured forever!

  4. Thanks, Elisabeth! I saw the light and the setting and grabbed the camera as fast as I could!!

  5. They will cherish these pictures someday! Beautiful!