Monday, May 9, 2011

The "Perfect" Weekend

Obviously nothing in life is ever perfect. But every once in awhile we all have those days or weekends or whatever that fit into the category of "perfect". Blue skies, Farmers Markets, Antique Shows..ect. This weekend was just that. Complete with forgotten diapers and major temper tantrum throw-downs in the middle of picturesque Herb Farms. We still pulled it off. 

I loved this blue shelf. It almost came home with me. Almost. 

This Little One is getting so big. And is afraid of Carpenter Bees. 

I call this one, "Sasquatch."

This awesome tool caddy did come home with me.

Breakfast radishes from the farmers market. 

Siberian Iris from the nursery.

Bleeding Heart.

We went to Gilbertie's Herb Farm on Sunday. This place is insane! I almost dropped to the ground when we walked into the herb greenhouse. Name an herb. They have it. And chances are if you buy any interesting or exotic herbs in the Northeast, they come from Gilbertie's

The vegetable greenhouse! We ordered a bunch of heirloom tomatoes and a few other things online but picked up the rest of our veggies here. Kohlrabi, Eight Ball Zucchini, Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes, all manner of cucumbers ect. ect. It's gonna be a tasty summer around here. 

Burger Bar and Bistro in SoNo, CT for lunch. I love this place for many reasons. It's kid friendly without being for kids. The burgers are yummy, the disco fries are ridiculous and the sangria comes in a mason jar.  

Fishy Face.

A photography lesson. I'm not entirely sure what happened in this pic. See how I'm in focus? See my crows feet? Don't look at them. See how the babe is out of focus? I gave my lovely husband the camera to snap some pics. Clearly I should have set the camera on auto (sorry, babe it's true) but instead gave him the benefit of the doubt and set it on Aperture Priority Mode. I set the aperture to around f/4. I have no idea what the iso ("film"speed) was or the shutter speed. Bad idea. If I had been behind the camera I would've seen that when the baby leaned forward, she was not in the same focal plane as I was and I would've adjusted to compensate. Because a small f stop means a wide open aperture and a shallow depth of field. Only a small portion of the picture is in focus. Normally I love this. Because I dig a photo of a person who is in focus with lovely Bokeh (that blurry background look you see in pics). Of course it also could've been because the shutter speed wasn't fast enough to capture her movement. Actually that probably was the case now that I'm really looking at it. Which I would've also seen had I been looking at the screen. All I know is, I'm setting the camera on auto mode for him from now on. And buying a gallon of eye cream. 

My half eaten burger and sangria. I meant to take a pic of the whole thing but I was too hungry. 

Disco Fries. Brie and Truffle Oil. Yes. 

I mean seriously? These two are obviously cut from the same cloth.

and done....clearly.

It was an awesome weekend. Dirty diapers and tantrums and burgers and all. I feel refueled and ready to tackle the week. I also wish I had some more disco fries. 



  1. Looks like one of your little ones is left handed...:)

    I grew up in CT...will most definitely have to hit this place up when I visit!


  2. She is Megan! So am I! :)

  3. I will now be serving sangria in mason jars for the rest of the summer! And I want disco fries...and a trip to Gilberties!

  4. omg. I love that place. we must go again, please and thank you.

  5. i want the burger, the fries, and the mason jars full of sangria right now!

  6. My favorite pic is of Charlotte and the rose smashed against her nose. Precious moments!!! Wanted to suck on the screen when I saw the sangria.