Monday, February 7, 2011

A Blast in Boston

ZZZzzzzzzz. I'm barely awake. I'm on my third but not final cup of coffee. I'm hobbling towards nap time. Come on 12:30!!!

Boston was a blast. I'm still randomly breaking out into fits of laughter. We ate, we shopped, we manicured, we drank bloody marys and mimosa's and had a perfect dinner in the city. My girlfriend made reservations for us for Saturday night at Restaurant Dante, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge. The crazy part? She's friends with Dante. Dante de Magistris, the chef/owner of the restaurant. She met him at a gas station when she needed air in her tires. She is the only person in the history of the world that would meet a famous chef at a gas station. 

We sat in a huge corner table, overlooking the Charles River, and watched a winter thunderstorm while eating insanely good food and chatting with the Chef all night. I ordered a Manhattan (of course) made with maple extract, bacon bourbon and vermouth. Bacon.Bourbon. 'Nuff said. We drank a bottle of Presecco and the chef sent out a selection of small plate appetizers.  Sausage cooked under ash with charred fennel, soft goat's milk cheese with sweet peppers, fried calamari with lemon and pepperoncini, and insanely delicate and flavorful arancini with truffle honey. For the second course we shared two pastas. A mouth watering carbonara that was somehow rich and incredibly light all at the same time. And a Strozzapreti with spaghetti squash, sage brown butter, amaretti, almonds and ricotta salata. I want some more right this minute. We ordered the 2006 Poggio Al Tesoro Sondraia, Super Tuscan to drink with our third course. This wine is rich, jammy, and spicy and opens up really nicely. I have to order some for home. For our entrees we ordered the saltimbocca, a gorgeous red snapper with celery root puree, and a perfectly cooked grilled prime bavette steak with truffled cauliflower and truffle butter. Drool worthy. For dessert, Fritelle. Venetian style fried dough with four dipping sauces. Ahhhhhh!!!! It was my perfect meal. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. We laughed till we cried. Hard. I'm sure people thought we were nuts. It doesn't matter, it was brilliant and I can't wait to do it again. 

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  1. Shut.up. That sounds fantastic - can I tag along next time? :)