Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coolest DIY Valentines in the history of ever.

I had every intention of having the Big One give generic Princess or Phineas and Ferb Valentines for her school party on Monday. But then on Friday afternoon I spotted this over at Design Mom.  AHH!! Coolest Valentines in the history of ever. We had to make them.  So I quickly threw her in a red dress and her Lilliana Marie LBB Bloom bow and snapped a picture.  Easy as pie. Threw on some text and had them one hour printed at CVS. Used my trusty exacto and made a small slit at the top and bottom of her fist, carefully slid a Dum-Dum into the slot and called it a day! They turned out so well. She is so excited to hand them out to her little friends at school. They were incredibly easy to make (around 10 minutes to assemble 25 cards). I'm so glad we took the time to do it!!!


(sometimes a mama has to try the banana split dum-dum)

(enjoying the fruits of her labor)

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!


  1. they turned out awesome! good job, mama!

  2. Fabulous job, mama! They turned out great! Happy Valentine's to you, too! I hope to enjoy the day!

  3. Those are awesome!! Super creative and very well done.

  4. one word.......BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!