Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Totally Random Tuesday (The Big One)

My 4 year old is an odd duck. She speaks like a 45 year old with a slight lisp (we're working on our L's), looks a good 3 years older than her age (it's the height) and could win an Oscar for the drama. Oh yeah, and she's a beauty. Which is dangerous. She also could seriously use a nap every once in awhile. Which never happens. Sigh.

We have February break this week, which means no school. Which means I had to bring both kids to the store with me this morning. I hate bringing both kids to the store with me. I'm not good at it. My kids aren't good at it either. They each got a donut, I got a large coffee. Good start! We had a few moments when the Big One wanted something we weren't buying but it was all in all, OK. Until the end, when I somehow got in a line where they were selling kids books along w/ the magazines. Thanks a lot, evil geniuses. The blubbering and badgering started. I'm trying to be calm and quiet and patiently explain that we're not buying the horrible Barbie book but instead are going to quickly pay and go home to eat lunch. And, since she'd been pretty good and it was vacation, we could make cake balls when we got home! Didn't work. Blubbering, badgering, crying, begging. I hate the begging most of all. And of course everyone is starring and the baby starts crying and throwing things out of the cart and I drop my coffee and UGH. February break can suck it.

Drive home:

Big One: "What do elves drink?"
Me: "What? Who?"
Big One: "What do elves drink?"
Me: "I don't know, what do they drink?"
Big One: "I'm not sure, I thought you knew."

(Hee Hee. Ok, Captain Random. But I'm guessing hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Right?)

Five minutes later.

Big One: "I want to get a little dog when I get older. Wait, little dogs pee on paper right? I don't want a little dog, I want a big one."

(Wha?? I think maybe she's concerned that little dogs just pee all over every bit of paper they see and was worried about her "Masterpieces".)

When we got home she found my husband's old View Master. I forgot how awesome this thing is! Score!! He has E.T, Superman, Dennis the Menace. It's brilliant. She was pleased.

And while I know we shouldn't make the cake balls because of the earlier incident at the market, I don't feel like punishing myself too. So, we might make them anyways. Mama's hungry.

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