Friday, February 4, 2011

Boston Bound!!

I'm headed to Boston this afternoon for a weekend away with three of my oldest and dearest friends.  These chicks can actually make me pee in my pants from laughter.  The husband is on little girl duty with no backup. HA! Hopefully he doesn't get too many more grey hairs from this weekend. Actually, it would be fine if he did. Men, always looking better with age. Not cool. This also means he has to prep and cook our Superbowl Sunday meal. I decided to keep it super simple for him. Which means all he has to do is throw some stuff in a crockpot and turn it on. Regardless, I'm sure I'll still be receiving 1,000 phone calls on Sunday morning with questions. (Sorry babe, it's true.) This is what we're having. PW's Italian Drip Beef Sandwiches. Have you made these?? They are heavenly!!!! I usually serve them on toasted Portuguese sweet rolls with melted provolone and tons of the pepperoncini. I'm drooling just thinking about it!

I'm off to throw a bunch of clothes in a bag and get the hell out of dodge! Boston, watch out.

Happy Friday!!!  

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