Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paint the Moon - Let's Do 52. Week 5/52 - Delicate

This week's theme on Paint the Moon's -  Let's do 52 is Delicate or Shadows.  I had a hard time with this theme.  I'm not really a delicate person I guess!  I was hoping to take some pictures of the clump birch in our backyard that is encased in ice, but when I went to step outside, and heard the cracking of limbs in the woods behind the house,  I ran back inside.  I'm a wimp.  This picture is of the pine cone wreath I made last year around Christmas.  It's barely staying together.  All the wind and snow we've had this winter isn't helping!  I edited this with Paint the Moon's Deep Pop action and PW's Heartland action.

You can see more of my Flickr photostream here.

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